In the Spring of 2005, Kelly Socia started working for the Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  He learned one of his new coworkers had the unfulfilled desire to own a spinning bowtie.  For some reason, this stuck in the back of Kelly's mind. 

Fast forward a year, and Kelly's friend accepted a promotion in another department and was having a going away party.  Kelly wanted to get a spinning bowtie for his friend's departure gift, but there was, literally, no spinning bowties available anywhere.  Having some basic engineering skills, Kelly decided to make a spinning bowtie from scratch for his friend, and after about three hours of work, the first spinning bowtie prototype was completed.

Kelly's friend loved the bowtie, and eventually word spread that there was finally a source for spinning bowties.  Kelly received some requests for spinning bowties on the Internet, and after a few months of one-on-one sales, he decided to list some of his spinning bowties on Ebay to help out others who were in a similar position Kelly was once in. 

After about a year of selling exclusively on Ebay, and having buyers from all over the globe, Kelly decided to create this website and 'officially' open Socia's Original Spinning Bowties to the public! 

Our bowties have been worn to numerous parties and weddings (and even to court!), have been used in plays and magic shows, and in multiple television commercials and sitcoms!  While we're based out of New Hampshire in the United States, we've sold to numerous buyers throughout the US, Canada, and the UK, and even as far away as Australia!  Check out our bowtie map that shows places in the US and the world where we've shipped at least one bowtie. 

We hope you are as happy with your spinning bowtie as Kelly's friend, and the numerous people who followed him, have been.  If you have any special requests, or just want to send us a comment or photo of you wearing one of our bowties, please let us know.